Seattle Black Friday Ferguson Protest

More photos can be seen HERE

Protesters took to the rainy Seattle streets Friday Nov. 28, “Black Friday”, to protest following the verdict of the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri. Five arrests have been made in relation to the protests. The protesters wove a path through Seattle streets before attempting to disrupt the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Westlake Center.

The group began at Westlake Center in Seattle, marched south toward Pike Street, returned to the Westlake Mall where they stormed into the shopping center chanting and holding signs. Next the marchers headed toward Westlake Station where there was a shoving match between Seattle Police and the protesters when the police attempted to close the gate to the station. Pepper spray and bicycles were used to hold protesters back in addition to police force. Protesters then continued their march to Pacific Place shopping center where they surrounded the top floor and began chanting. After leaving Pacific Place the protesters marched further up Pine Street stopping at the intersection of Broadway to rally and hold and a moment of silence.

The protesters then began to work their way back towards Westlake Center in order to prevent the Tree Lighting Ceremony scheduled to take place that evening. Seattle Police in riot gear holding batons blocked the route down Pike that the protesters originally planned to take. The protesters moved across to Pine Street and Boren Avenue and found themselves blocked off again. Protesters and Seattle Police had an altercation in which flash-bangs and pepper spray were used by the police, while umbrellas and pepper spray were used by protesters. The first arrest of 5 throughout the night was made.

Protesters dispersed to meet at Westlake Center in order to disrupt the Tree Lighting Ceremony Friday evening. The rally marched through the shopping center and up onto the balcony that a youth caroling group was performing on, taking over the ceremony.

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