Shut it Down April 14

Protesters took to the streets of Seattle to protest police brutality and the targeting of People of Color on Tuesday April, 14.  The protesters gathered at Seattle Central Community College at 11:30 a.m., where they marched through the halls and orchestrated two “die-in’s”. From SCCC the protesters moved to Seattle University where they marched through the campus and gathered more people to the march. Next the protesters made their way to Westlake Center to gather more protesters and march through Pike Place Market and then to the Seattle Police Headquarters before heading back to Westlake center. Seattle police were out, on bicycles, to accompany protesters and to help direct traffic. The protests remained peaceful, with only a slight skirmish as the protesters made their way back to Westlake Center when the police forced the protesters out of the center of the street. The protest included chants, die-in’s, and speeches from those who had experienced loss or fear due to racial targeting and/or police brutality.


More photos available HERE.


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