Seattle Man stuck in Basketball Hoop

During the May Day protests in Seattle, Wash. police responded to a call about a man trapped by his foot in a basketball hoop at Cal Anderson Park.
According to witnesses and police the man had left the nearby hospital and was running through the park with a hammer, which he hit himself with, before climbing a chain-link fence and climbing onto the basketball hoop. He slipped and was caught by his foot in the net.
Drug use may have been involved, according to Seattle Police.
Seattle police and fire department responded to the call, but due to the man’s flailing had to use a ladder to get him down. After which he was put in a stretcher and a spit sock was put over his head because he was spitting at police.
The Seattle Police department’s Twitter reported “Shirtless man from Cal Anderson Park removed from basketball hoop. He may be arrested for property damage, or at least goal-tending.”
Witnesses in park say that now they need a new basketball net.


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